Acupuncture with Janet Cook R.Ac

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About Me

I have been practicing as a traditional Chinese Acupuncturist for over two decades.

During this time I have studied with various teachers throughout China, Vancouver and the United States. My main focus of study has been Internal Acupuncture which has a main focus around finding the root cause of disease and pain in the body.

I feel that my path to be able to help people has been paved by the ones I have met, by teachers I have been able to learn from, and by mentors that I continue to learn from. It enables me to pursue my passion to help others to live the life they deserve...the rewards I feel when people become centred,  creative, and stronger again are immeasurable.

The state of the internal organs can shape the personality of people, giving someone anxiety or even depression. No one desires to live this way and I believe we all deserve to live in a state of wellness. Acupuncture gives people's lives back to them.

I have been working with patients in hospitals by request for over 10 years at locations in B.C, such as Nanaimo Hospital, Hope General, and Vancouver General.

In my practice I choose to work one on one with my patients to give each person my complete attention as they work on their healing and health. Your privacy and confidentiality are extremely important to me. I have been practicing since 1997 and the things that I have seen and experienced with my patients have been extraordinary, that's what keeps me going and completely dedicated to this ancient practice.

The amazing journey of acupuncture has taught me that the deeper you dig the deeper you can go into your learning and therefore your abilities as a practitioner evolve. It is important to remain curious in life; acupuncture feeds my curiosity for knowledge and the ability to give back in service.

My commitment to you is your health and wellness, and I will take you as far as you can go.

For more information please call me, 250-616-6757

​​​​​​​My Services


 $75.00 per session

Session: approx 1 hour

includes body acupuncture and cupping and moxibustion when needed.


​Blue Cross is Accepted

Facial Rejuvenation

$150.00 per session

Session: approx: 1 1/2 hour

Includes facial and body acupuncture


facial exercises to strengthen the muscles in the  to reduce sagging skin

​Treating fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin,  (Turkey neck) acne, acne scars, facial scars. (scar therapy)  

 I use Nucerity skincare in my office for rejuvenating the skin.  It is fabulous for  Rosacea, Psoriasis, eczema, burns, scars , acne prone skin,  serious acne scars, ageing skin,  sagging skin (turkey neck) and burns.  You can view it online here